Our Process

Outdoor Lighting Design and Installation

1- Contact Us: 

Reach us via text, phone, or email to schedule a complimentary consultation at 615.488.0020 or Sales@NashvilleLighting.com 

2- Complimentary Consultation: 

Within a week of contact, we'll visit your site to discuss the project, survey the property, and take photos. 

3- System Design & Quote: 

Our team designs the Outdoor Lighting System, produces the rendering, and quotes within a week, depending on the project size and scope. 

4- Customer Review & Approval: 

Review the renderings and quote. If satisfactory, approve within 15 days of receipt. 

5- Post-Approval: 

We issue an invoice and collect a 50% deposit upon approval. Financing is available through Wisetack.com

6- Schedule Installation: 

Post deposit, we schedule installation within 3-5 weeks, depending on project factors and weather. 

7- Pre-Installation Activities: 

Customers must identify underground utilities, and property lines, and ensure 16" clearance from walls to trees/bushes for light installation. 

8- System Installation: 

We confirm the installation in advance. Professional installers set up the system within 1-4 days, test it and contact the customer. 

9- Post-Installation: 

Customers review the system and provide feedback. Pay the balance one day after completion. Considering scope and weather conditions, necessary adjustments will be made within 15 days

For any Inquiries, Contact us at Sales@NashvilleLighting.com or 615.488.0020 

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