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Nashville Lighting LLC

Quality LED Landscape Lighting Systems, Design and Professional Installation

LED Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

  • NashvilleLighting.com strives to create a distinctive, luxurious and dramatic look with our LED landscape lighting systems.

  • Our designer strategically place the lights to illuminate facades and architectural details.

  • Once the landscape lighting system is installed, the property benefits from the creation of a luxurious and welcoming ambiance, increased safety, enhanced security and increased property value and curb appeal.


Safety and Security

Our LED landscape lighting systems are ideal for lighting entries to paths, entryways, house facades, bushes, trees, and architectural features

LED landscape lighting makes a huge impact on your home's curb appeal while also providing safety and security.


Most homebuyers have already decided whether or not they like a house before they have even gone inside. Attractive landscape lighting is key to selling a house

Why Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

  1. Energy Efficient: Low voltage LED lights are highly energy efficient

  2. Cost Saving: LED low voltage lights consume less energy providing excellent illumination

  3. Minimum Heat Contribution: LED low voltage lights are cool to the touch

  4. Safe: Low voltage lights don't impose a risk of electrocution when exposed to rain or snow

  5. Versatile: LED lighting can be installed to spaces where other lights cannot fit.

  6. Beautify: LED lights give your living space soft illumination that is pleasing to the eyes

  7. Worry - Free Security: Burglars are easily discouraged from entering a well-lit house

  8. Environment Friendly: Using LED lights help to conserve energy resources