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Wash lighting

Updated: May 11, 2021


The ability to dial in the desired mood and aesthetic is arguably one of the most important aspects of landscape lighting design; thus, having capable, versatile lighting fixtures are an absolute must.

A wall wash beam angle is considered 85 to 120 degrees. Typical landscape lighting fixtures used for washing are well lights, spotlights, and rectangular wash lights.

Wide beam spreads are best used to light big, wide, low-to-the-ground hedgerows and bushes, retaining walls, cultured walls, stone walls with a texture to them—anything that is incredibly wide (let’s say 80 feet) or has a wide base that you wish to illuminate immediately at ground level.

Wall washing is  also the best bang for your buck because you can light more with less fixtures. For instance, if you are lighting an 80-foot-wide white stone wall, you can place a fixture every 12 feet. If you were to use a medium or narrow beam spread, fixtures would need to be even closer together, which could result in hot spots—something you always want to avoid.

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