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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

It might make sense to DIY it or hire a handyman for some projects. But when it comes to landscape lighting design, we aren't talking about just throwing some lights in your garden beds.

Let's be clear; there is nothing wrong with having work done by your handyman if they know what they are doing, if they are willing to be responsible for their work down the road, have the necessary equipment or tools, and can do it all safely.

Unfortunately, if you have a handyman do your outdoor lighting, he probably won't have any of these qualities. What I'm saying is that your home will be somewhat of an experiment project for him that you get to pay for.

Your average landscape contractor or handyman may say they do landscape lighting. However, this usually just translates to them only having some very basic experience: Yes, they've installed a handful of landscape lighting systems over the years. However, once the lights turn on and the system is finished, will never be heard from again once the check clears.

Brentwood TN

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