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Brass Lighting Fixtures vs. Aluminum Lighting Fixtures

Installing outdoor LED lighting is an excellent way to enhance your home's appeal and create silhouette images of trees, plants, and shrubs. Of course, you can do the job yourself. But it pays to hire a licensed landscape lighting contractor who has the design expertise and knowledge about the different types of fixtures that will work best for your environment.

Some landscape lighting firms claim they can "save you money" by offering to install aluminum lighting fixtures. Aluminum is less expensive than brass lighting fixtures during the initial installation. Still, you could wind up paying more in the long run because aluminum doesn't last, especially in humid climates like Nashville.

Risks of Using Aluminum Fixtures

Aluminum lighting fixtures are low quality and are not designed to last outdoors for an extended period. Aluminum oxides over time, and the paint will fade. Since the bulb is typically integrated right into the aluminum fixture, you'll have to bear the expense of replacing the entire light fixture when it wears out.

Benefits of Using Brass Fixtures

Nashville Lighting LLC uses heavy-duty solid cast brass lighting fixtures for our landscape lighting installations. Brass is exceptional in quality and durability because it is a hard metal that holds up in all environments. Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc and will "patina" over time, developing a darker finish as it's exposed to the elements. Unlike aluminum, brass fixtures won't corrode, making them always an attractive addition to your landscape. We also can customize the bulbs, and you will not need to change the whole fixture when the bulb wears out.

Heavy Duty Solid Cast Brass Spotlight
Heavy Duty Solid Cast Brass Spotlight

Heavy Duty Solid Cast Brass Spotlight - Premium
Heavy Duty Solid Cast Brass Spotlight - Premium

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